Pregnancy Symptom Remedies.

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before trying any herbal remedy. Many women swear by two herbs for a healthy pregnancy: stinging nettle and raspberry leaf.

Stinging nettle is worth growing or foraging for a healthy pregnancy.

Stinging Nettle: Nettle is very high in vitamins and minerals, so it adds a good shot of additional nutrition to the diet — important especially during pregnancy.

Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry leaf tea is traditionally drunk during the last trimester to help prepare the uterus for the work of childbirth and help reduce labor pains. { read more }

Consider making a pregnancy tea from nettle, raspberry leaf, and mint.

Nettle is often considered to be a weed, but it is well worth growing for tea. Be careful: it’s called “stinging nettle” for a reason — brush your arm across just one of its leaves and you’ll know why. It’s best to grow nettle where you can keep it away from kids for exactly this reason. Depending on where you live, you may not have to grow it. It can be foraged in many areas. Though it’s not a fun plant to harvest, once brewed or cooked, it loses all of its sting.

If you are growing red raspberries for the fruit, you already have the leaves you need.

Herbs to Reduce Nausea


Mint is easy to grow, and a great nausea reliever.

Nausea can be a problem during both pregnancy and menstruation. There are two herbs in particular that are great to brew as teas.

Ginger: Make a ginger tea, or find or make a good natural source of ginger ale and drink as necessary to reduce nausea.

Mint: Mint tea (one tablespoon of fresh mint leaves steeped in boiling water for fifteen minutes) is a great nausea reducer. If you are pregnant, steer clear of peppermint. It’s just too strong, and can make you feel worse than you already did. Spearmint, apple mint, or any of the other fruit-scented mints work very well.

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