Natural male enhancement

Peruvian Maca both increases libido as and acts as an aphrodisiac. Men have been using Maca as a erectile dysfunction cure for centuries. Fertility and sexual desire are improved after consuming this organic super food. The Maca herb provides significant increase in energy, endurance and stamina. This makes maca great for athletes and active people in general.

Maca increases muscular strength. Historically, Incan warriors used the root regularly to boost their strength and prowess inbattle. In essence, it acts like an anabolic muscle enhancer.

Tongkat Ali is the herbal supplement that has a unique property to bring back to normal the testosterone level that has declined with age. Tongkat ali appears to stimulate the availability of natural testosterone which otherwise is not available as a result of advancing age. It can also help in male infertility problems; the morphology, activity (motility) and count of sperms improve with Tongkat Ali. Animal studies have shown that it can produce arousal, libido and sexual motivation. the overall effect of Tongkat Ali is gradual and safe. Herbal Tongkat Ali was dubbed the “Natural Asian Viagra” in a May 1999 report in the New Sunday Times.

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