Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Herbal remedies for common diseases is not a concept of the twenty first century. It is an age-old practice that has been passed down from one generation to another. These remedies are based on the knowledge that most natural foods like fruits, herbs, vegetables — as well as other natural substances — possess many medicinal properties.  Our great grandmother handed these tried and true remedies to their daughters and grand daughters.  In this time of process food and corporate chemicals, it is time we re-learn the basics and return to a natural life style.

grandmotherThese natural foods and substances have been tried and refined as natural cures in many countries for thousands of years. Research has proven many of these natural traditional remedies to be astonishingly effective. The living proof is that our ancestors — with the help of these cures — lived a happier, healthier, and longer

Why You Should Consider Natural Health and Herbal Remedies


What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the use of different plants to facilitate a healing response from the body to alleviate the symptoms and to address the cause of disease. It has been used for thousands of years, long before the invention of pharmaceutical drugs. It is still currently the major form of health care for around 80% of the world’s population.

Herbal medicine has been scientifically proven to work for many medically diagnosed conditions. It is highly effective and is generally safer than its pharmaceutical counterparts. Professionally prescribed herbal medicines are generally non toxic and rarely have side effects. Alternative health medicine are gentler on the body, and usually have fewer side effects. Some reasons for this are that the herbal tinctures used in alternative health remedies work gradually.

Pharmaceutical drugs lack the natural ingredients. They often contain toxins and have serious side effects. Many prescriptions have only a few years of research and use. We do not know the long term effects, dangers and how they are changing out bodies and our world.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil has potent antioxidant activities and thereby wonderful to be taken together with colon cleansing treatment as it helps to neutralize free radicals that are present in the colon. Being a very strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent, Oregano oil is effective in fighting off potentially fatal overgrowth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E-coli) and Salmonella enteric. Oregano oil also contains anti-parasitic activity that can aid to eliminate intestinal parasites and can fight pain and inflammation. { READ MORE }


Essential oils are one of natures best kept secrets. Every new oil or blend of oils comes with a different experience, a testimonial or sometimes even a miracle! Oils are for reducing stress and anxiety, fighting flu, increasing concentration, managing pain, detoxifying my body, relaxing muscle spasms and for a good night sleep. Lavender can relieve stress at work, improve  concentration and reduce insomnia.Peppermint will cool skin during hot days, shrink my muscle pain, and ease nausea.  { READ MORE }


Most gout is caused by a build up of uric acid in the body.  Nature has given us many plants to help fight uric acid build up and help relieve gout pain in the foot and body. { READ MORE }


(Annona Muricata)

Soursop has a huge benefit in the prevention and cure of cancer.

For prevention, it is advisable to eat or drink fruit juice.  For healing, boil 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green) into 3 cups of boiling water and continue to evaporate and water is left 1 cup only. Give the one cup of water to patients 2 times per day . After drinking, the body feels the effects of heat, similar to the effects of chemotherapy. Some patients have seen results within 2 weeks in reducing their cancers.

Soursop leaves are natures chemotherapy but  even more powerful because soursop leaves as herbal material only kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow normally. While synthetic chemical chemotherapy has the effect of killing some normal cells.

PMS Remedies

Women have between 350 and 500 periods in a lifetime.  There are herbs that have been used for thousands of years to reduce the pain, discomfort, mood swings and other symptoms of PMS.  There is no reason to suffer. Natura has provided many options for women. { READ MORE }

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