Dandelion Information

Women who suffer from bloating may try dandelion root to ease the discomfort, according to a medical expert.

Dr Sarah Brewer, a GP from Guernsey, told the Telegraph that there are many causes of bloating, which means there are many solutions.

“Mild diuretics such as dandelion root can help,” said Dr Brewer.  “A supplement of magnesium is also very helpful”

Dandelion root is an ingredient in some weight loss pills, such as Adios, which aids slimming by acting on the body’s metabolism.

All parts of the dandelion are used for food and medicine, the roots are roasted and used in herbal decoctions, the leaves and crowns for salads and cooked greens, the flowers for making dandelion wine, and the juice to cure warts and blisters. A complex array of nutrients and phytochemicals are the source of dandelion’s many valuable medicinal properties. Dandelion leaves provide vitamins A and C, (the vitamin A content is higher than that of carrots)

Dandelion flowers are one of the best sources of lecithin, a nutrient that elevates the brains acetylcholine and may play a role in boosting memory and mental focus. Lecithin is also good for liver problems. Dandelion root taraxacin, a hepatic stimulant, insulin, as sugar, lacvulin, choline (a basic constituent of lecithin), phytosterols, (which prevent the body from accumulating cholesterol), and potash, (a diuretic). The dandelion plant is also great source of bone-building nutrients, boron, calcium and silicon

The benefits of dandelion, the common weed known as: Taraxacum officinale, are wide. From the prevention of breast cancer to the help of eczema-like skin problems, this common weed is a miracle plant that shouldn’t be ignored.

Dandelions pop up in lawns and fields throughout the world. They are everywhere! Children the world round have spent many an hour blowing the seed heads and counting the puffs to determine the time. However, due to its medicinal propertiesthe dandelion is not seen as a weed to get rid of but rather a herb to cultivate. It is cultivated in China, France and Germany.

Dandelions are interesting plants. Their yellow flowers close up tight when rain is soon to fall and there are a number of variations in leaf characteristics. Some are darker green and slightly furry, with rounded serrations, some are brilliant green, less hardy in hot weather, with sharply-indented longer leaves, but all have the same medicinal value.

In Italy and other European countries well know the benefits of dandelions, and you will see women bent in the fields in spring picking the tender dandelions for salads. And for those growing this herb for herbal medicines the plant is harvested fordandelion tea and tinctures in the early summer before the plant blooms.Dandelion leaf (Taraxacum officinale), an excellent diuretic, helps eliminate excess water from the system, relieving the symptoms of bloating. The leaf contains natural potassium so does not deplete potassium in the system as do synthetic diuretics.

Dosage: 1 cup 2-3 x daily; tinctures and capsules also available. Note: Although dandelion may relieve the symptoms of bloating, it is important to take an herb such as vitex which will simultaneously be working on a deeper level to rebalance the hormones.

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